Poet of Shadows.

We revived the life’s work of the finest silhouette artist and created a unique digital experience enabling the public to own a piece of 20th-century history. 

The family of Ugo Mochi approached DBNY to establish a digital experience that articulates the craftsmanship, vision, and impact of Ugo Mochi’s professional career, built on a platform that enables an immersive purchasing journey.


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Stage OneThe Challenge.

The career of Ugo Mochi has been world renowned, deeply respected, and highly meticulous. His entire life was a culmination of his personal vision: to live for artAfter the initial discovery meetings with members of Ugo Mochi’s family, each sharing affectionate and intimate memories of his character, dedication, and prolific personality, our team reflected internally and asked ourselves, how do we capture the impact Ugo Mochi left behind and translate it into a digital experience that will be admired by a modern day audience? With a sizeable amount of work ahead of us, we established three primary goals: educate visitors about the life and work of Ugo Mochi, highlight the unique artworks that are available to purchase, and offer comprehensive customization capabilities for each product.

Stage TwoOur Approach.

In order for users and visitors to truly appreciate the level of detail and skill it took to create these amazing pieces of artwork, our team had to encourage visitors to explore all aspects of the digital experience through an overarching elevated purchasing journey. We decided the best approach would be to tell a story through an immersive visual experience full of vivid imagery, thoughtful copy and user-focused interactions. This storytelling approach educates and converts first-time visitors into well-informed prospective buyers. Once the customer has reached the shopping component of the website, our requirement was clear; provide a very distinct purchasing experience that is intuitive, engaging, and highly customizable.

A Life's Passion.

With an extensive amount of information to showcase on the site, we created a content strategy that encompasses the life of Ugo Mochi into a rich experience, maximized for readability. To tell the story in a digestible format, we defined a clear navigation process that starts with an interactive animated timeline, designed in panels to illustrate his personal and professional life, beginning from 1889 to 1977. Each panel tells a story about that specific era of his life, highlighting his personal and professional milestones.

A Look Into His Craft.

After a visitor has viewed the entirety of the history panels, they were guided to visit his process page. Our goal for this page was to provide a perspective to understand how Ugo Mochi created his masterpieces through a step-by-step overview of his process. In an effort to capture every nuance that was involved in his workflow, we showcased this into a series of sections, optimized with subtle animations and transitions to maintain reader engagement as they learn.

Comprehensive Shopping Experience.

Establishing a unique shopping experience for users was our primary focus. Our team brainstormed, conceptualized and experimented with several iterations of what we thought the ideal order process should be. Our research presented us with a detailed customer profile in which the targeted consumer of Ugo Mochi’s work are not typically impulsive buyers. Instead, their purchasing behaviors are more intentional and sophisticated. To create an experience curated for this type of purchasing behavior, our team felt it was important to offer users the ability to highly customize their order to their own preferences and requirements while ensuring important information (frame dimensions, materials, sizes) are all present.

To do so, compartmentalized the product customization experience into three steps:

1)   Selecting a print.
2)  Choosing from a wide variety of frames and mattes. 
3)  Selecting/modifying different sizing options.

This guided process allows users to have an almost endless customization ability, and in turn, gives the customer a sense of personalization to the product they are about to purchase. Since there are multiple individual items that are chosen to create one unique combination, each step in customizing the product had to be effortless yet informative. The end result was a streamlined and robust product customization process that allows users to visualize exactly how their custom creation would look when they received it in the mail. 

Built To Move.

The custom product builder that is offered to customers on a web browser offers the ability to pick and choose from thousand of potential combinations. We wanted to provide this same experience for customers on the go. To maintain a unified feel across mobile devices, we designed the site responsively to ensure it is just as easy to shop on the go as it is on the web, without sacrificing features and functionality. 

iPhone Frame
  • Choose from multiple sizing options.
  • Select various print categories.
  • Customers can easily purchase on the go.


It’s never a simple task to reintroduce a brand or artist, especially when they were from a different century. Rather than designing an outline of Ugo Mochi’s life through a biographical approach, our content and digital commerce strategy was designed around understanding what is required for a visitor to become a fan of Ugo Mochi in the 21st-century.

Through a story-telling and educational approach, we influenced users to dive deep into the rich history of Ugo Mochi. With the support of a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, users are delighted and engaged with all of the combinations that can be personalized to their liking with ease, clarity, and most of all, confidence.

Currently, the product customizer can handle over 450,000 possible product combinations. The site and product customizer is built to scale, so when the product offerings of the store increase, the customizer will be able to handle the additions with ease.


  • 450k +

    Possible product combinations.

  • 55 %

    Mobile engagement.

  • 4 +

    Minutes average customer website visit.


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