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We built an intuitive and user friendly marketing site for international fashion icon Nicky Hilton.

Working personally with Nicky and her PR team we designed a unique digital hub for her fans. We provided strategy and marketing resources to promote her first book focusing on personal style, Nicky Hilton 365 Style.


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Stage OneThe Challenge.

The Nicky Hilton brand approached DBNY to help create Nicky’s personal marketing site, designed exclusively for her fans. We were tasked with continuity of the brand towards digital outlets and help promote her forthcoming fashion focused book, Nicky Hilton 365 Style

Nicky Goes Digital.

Nicky Hilton is an international style icon, designer and fashion entrepreneur but her digital efforts needed improvement. Nicky didn’t have a personal site to interact with her fans directly. The new site requirements needed to accommodate her busy lifestyle, traveling often and involved in countless new ventures. Convenience and access was top priority for her team. The new Nicky Hilton site needed a simplified CMS providing content uploads while traveling and most importantly a sophisticated design direction representing her personal style.

Expert Style For All.

Expert Style For All.

Our team was also tasked with promoting her forthcoming style book, Nicky Hilton 365 Style. Its all about personalized style recommendations curated by Nicky herself. Her motivation for writing the book was to share her personal style tips and secrets to her fans. We collaborated with her team at Miller PR and pitched a wardrobe giveaway contest in conjunction with social media marketing efforts to raise awareness of her upcoming book launch, promote tour dates and announce contest winners.

Stage TwoOur Approach.

We were fortunate to work with Nicky directly and took full advantage of the opportunity. Due to her hectic travel arrangements we were limited to a 12 week turnaround time to complete the new site, promote her book tour and manage her social campaign. We focused on iterative design and provided multiple design options for review each round. Ultimately we settled on a sophisticated design approach. Due to the time crunch, our team worked in conjunction with design and marketing initiatives to provide the best possible solution. 

Working personally with Nicky we established core design principles that resonates with her design philosophy. Nicky is all about sophistication, modern style that’s elegant yet approachable. We provided multiple style guides to set the tone and overall design direction that would ultimately lead to the final product.


Nicky travels frequently and documents her journey on Instagram and Twitter. To share her adventures with fans we combined her primary social networks into one streamlined social feed. Her feed even shows emoji icons and stats of total number of likes and comments. Now a fan favorite, her social feed is the go to destination for fans wanting to stay in the loop with Nicky.

Mobile Access.

Mobile first was a priority. Nicky’s digital hub needed to be responsive because a majority of her fans use smart phones and tablets daily. We needed to make sure her live social feed, event galleries and personal blog was easily accessible no matter the device. We also designed the user experience as one fluid interaction, allowing fans to freely navigate between various devices without interruption. 

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  • Fans can learn more about Nicky and get in touch directly.
  • We designed the navigation menu with ease of use and simplicity in mind.
  • Fans can purchase her new book directly from retail partners.
Nicky 365 Style.

Nicky 365 Style.

Promoting her book and increasing pre orders was a primary business goal for Nicky’s team. Our strategy was to directly link the contest with the book launch. Our marketing efforts was simple and effective, fans would preorder Nicky Hilton 365 Style, show proof of purchase and receive a chance to win a coveted item from Nicky’s personal wardrobe. We worked directly with Nicky managing her social feed on Twitter & Instagram and announced a winner each week. The contest yielded dramatic results helping the Nicky Hilton brand gain 80k+ new followers and dozens of editorial posts from major style networks covering the book tour.


Collaborating directly with Nicky Hilton and her PR team resulted in a successful book launch and the introduction of Nicky’s new website. We focused our efforts in promoting her book through existing social channels and leveraged audience interest in the wardrobe giveaway. We successfully raised awareness of Nicky’s book tour  while boosting pre order sales. We also increased her social footprint with editorial buzz circulating online.

  • #10

    Ranked Top 10 in Amazon Fashion books during launch.

  • 84k +

    Social media fans gained promoting wardrobe giveaway.

  • 50 +

    Coverage from top style editorials highlighting contest and book tour.


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