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A hassle-free, parent-approved eCommerce experience for a growing consumer goods brand.

Loved for their award-winning products and outstanding customer service, LilGadgets is a leading children’s headphone brand. Trusted by thousands of parents worldwide, LilGadgets engaged us to build their flagship eCommerce website that tells their unique story, delights their customers with an easy-to-use shopping experience, and is built on a scalable platform that can solve real business goals.


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Stage OneThe Challenge.

Every successful business begins by solving a real problem. As parents, the LilGadgets’ team became frustrated with the lack of quality headphones that were being designed specifically for children. Most products that were on the market were either too gimmicky, poorly manufactured, or both. Passionate about filling this market gap, they ventured to create a high-quality, well-designed, and safe-to-use Bluetooth headphone for their children. Starting off by selling on eBay and amassing thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, LilGadgets quickly grew to become a leader in the children’s headphone market, and had some big expectations of creating their first dedicated eCommerce sales channel.

Dedicated eCommerce For A Growing Brand.

There were many reasons why it was the right time for introducing a dedicated eCommerce channel. LilGadgets had been experiencing rapid growth. To keep up with growth, they were also in the process of refining their branding, messaging, and positioning, and their eCommerce website needed to be a complementary reflection of their updated identity. With high-quality design and customer support being core tenets of their company, LilGadgets also needed to offer an engaging customer-experience on a platform in which they can easily support the needs of the consumer.

Stage TwoOur Approach.

Working closely with the product team, we brainstormed the site architecture and customer-friendly experience that had to be designed. From our discovery discussions and familiarizing ourselves with their one-of-a-kind products, our team began to understand the ideal LilGadgets consumer: tech-savvy parents who are looking for safe, functional, and beautiful products for their children. Parents have time-sensitive and demanding needs and in order to meet these needs, we identified an approach to create an environment that is brand-specific, informative, and fun to explore. Keeping growth and scale in mind, we built the environment on Shopify Plus, an enterprise class eCommerce platform for high-volume merchants, supported by dedicated account managers that would always be there for LilGadgets when needed.

Choose The Platform.

From the beginning, LilGadgets required a platform that would be safe, reliable, and scalable. With a specific list of requirements, such as having the ability to customize nearly every component of the customer experience while maintaining an easy to manage back-end, we knew Shopify Plus would be the perfect fit for their flagship eCommerce site.

Establishing Design Standards.

From our early discussions, LilGadgets shared with us their single business belief: to create products that gives kids and parents the ability to connect, share, and love. Embracing this brand mantra helped us establish the design standards for the site. Much like how the products are created to be functional and well-designed, the site had to share this similar standard. Through engaging imagery and illustrations, the site has been designed to allow the personality of the brand to shine through. We designed the category and product detail pages in a manner that presents important product information through micro-interactions and animations, bringing the experience to life in a delightful and easy to digest way.

Support Hub That Encourages Discovery.

For LilGadgets, support is everything. The team prides themselves acknowledging and resolving any issues their customers may experience quickly and efficiently. Customers conduct a great deal of research into their online shopping, and the needs of an existing customer as well as the potential one, must be considered. Anticipating for waves of high-volume support requests, we decided to create a support portal that would offer customers a path of least resistance to helpful information and prominently featured methods of outreach.

Streamlined Purchase Path.

Focusing on clarity and conversions, we designed a feedback-triggered cart and a one-step checkout. From the moment a product is added to the cart, a visual confirmation is presented to the user. The human eye reacts to movement, so we designed a subtle cue that signals to the user when a product has been added. Once the product is in the cart, a “quick-view” of the cart appears on hover, revealing the cart contents and option to either view the full cart or proceed to checkout. In the checkout page, we decided to simplify data entry as much as possible and designed a 1-2-3 step flow.

The low-barrier details come first, like name and address. With the help of Google Maps’ API, we were able to validate information by pre-populating address suggestions as a user begins typing. This mitigates potential returns or wrong deliveries by reducing the element of human error when it comes to entering an address. The Google Maps API detects the location of the address and appropriate shipping rates are immediately presented and applied to the order. Payment information was intentionally held off until the end and is quickly and securely captured as the second to last step before reviewing and submitting.

iPhone Frame
iPhone Frame

The Mobile Experience.

Our mobile strategy took into consideration the different purchasing motivations of mobile shoppers. Compared to desktop users, mobile shoppers have different goals when it comes to shopping. Our customer-experience design approach enables users to navigate through main areas with ease. The primary features found on the desktop experience were scaled down to mobile form factors. Features like product discoverability and support were readily exposed to optimize and customize the overall shopping experience.

Responsive + Adaptive.

An active and busy life of a parent requires an intuitive mobile experience that is barrier free and easy to use. Keeping this in mind, our primary focus for mobile was to create a path-to-purchase that is quick and secure for on-the-go shopping. An informative interface provides mobile shoppers a catered experience from beginning to end.

iPhone Frame
  • Responsive homepage accessible across all viewpoints.
  • Simplified mobile navigation with easy access to primary pages.
  • Immersive product descriptions with interactive color picker.
  • Streamlined checkout process for quick purchasing.


Experiences matter, and the LilGadgets site was built with details in mind. A powerful site — not only as a dedicated platform capable of handling high-volume traffic, but also as a sophisticated resource hub for customer support and retention. With rich information that encourages product discovery, to the flexibility of the one-step checkout, LilGadgets now offers a flagship eCommerce destination for their loyal customer base. We soft-launched the LilGadgets’ site in time for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday season. Since then, they’ve seen some dramatic, yet, impressive results.


  • Capable of handling spikes of high-volume traffic, the site processed over 30K transactions during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday season. The site never has to worry about bandwidth or scalability issues, thanks to enterprise-grade stability from Shopify Plus. 
  • Visitors and shoppers are engaging deeply with the content on the site, with user sessions averaging around 3:45. With a measurement plan in place, we will continue to monitor analytics and engagement levels, and optimize along the way. 
  • In addition to a beautiful visual experience, LilGadgets’ site is now the brand’s most powerful sales tool. With growth plans in mind, the site can expand into new markets quickly and efficiently.
  • 30 k

    Total transactions processed for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

  • 3 +

    Multi-channel sales integration via Amazon, eBay & Shopify Plus.

  • 2.5 k

    5 Star reviews on Amazon.


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