Vintage Meets Modern.

We partnered with Koret New York to create their flagship eCommerce experience.

Koret New York has been a reputable brand known for designing high quality handbags since 1929. As an effort to reintroduce the vintage brand, we created their premiere eCommerce experience that resonates with Koret’s modern day customers.




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Stage OneThe Challenge.

If you know a thing or two about luxury handbags, then Koret New York does not require much of an introduction. With fashion icons like Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Mad Men’s own Janie Bryant (pictured above) known to represent the brand, Koret New York embodies a chic appeal that has been proven to stand the test of time. Keeping the modern-day, on-the-go customer in mind, we transitioned the history of Koret into a custom built flagship eCommerce experience that is clean, contemporary, and easy to shop on any device.

Revive A Classic.

Revive A Classic.

Classic silhouettes, subtle details, and high quality materials has always been the focus of Koret New York. Our team dove deep into our discovery phase to solve one crucial task; how do we take 80 years of history and transition the brand to modern times? The Koret team expressed the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand identity that conveys a sophisticated aesthetic for both online and offline experiences.

Easily Shoppable.

Easily Shoppable.

The brand had a strong focus on ensuring their products were primed for purchasing and complements the active and busy lives of Koret’s on-the-go customers. In order to reach these fast paced shoppers, an experience that was easy to browse and quick to shop had to be designed, all while maintaining a chic and sophisticated feel.

The goal: A fully responsive eCommerce platform with customer-focused User Experience and flexible digital asset management, supported by clean, image-heavy visual design.

Stage TwoOur Approach.

From our initial conversations with Koret New York, it was clear that we would be creating the flagship eCommerce platform that would serve as their primary sales channel. We worked closely with the Koret New York team to understand how we would build an easy to navigate digital solution that aligned with the objectives and growth goals of the business. It was also important to pay homage to Koret New York’s rich history as we reintroduced the brand into a modern platform. As we approached the build, we focused on the customer experience first. We decided to create a digital commerce solution that not only unifies the purchasing path, but is rich with features like an intuitive navigation, easy to use filters, and a mobile-optimized site that is designed to guide conversions for customers on the go.

Setting The Standard.

Setting the standards and developing the design foundation was our first priority. Our design approach focused on creating an environment that felt sophisticated and detail driven, while making use of a custom modular design framework. During this process, we explored various versions to this approach. As the purpose and utility for our design elements became more understood, so did the user experience. To establish an experience that is clean and highly navigable, the final outcome was a website designed around a modular grid that gives visual structure for neatly presenting a wide selection of products, and a framework for all site content. Pairing minimalist design elements with beautiful typography allowed us to showcase the product photography of these luxurious handbags as the centerpiece of the Koret New York website.

Full Flexibility.

Koret New York produces several types of high-quality bags. From clutches to shoulder bags, a shopper has a wide variety of options to choose from. We wanted to design a calculated yet flexible grid layout that would accommodate for all assortments of bags across different categories. To avoid a visitor from getting overwhelmed from the variety of products, we created a simple but highly convenient Quick View option. If an item catches the eye, the visitor can quickly get an overview of product information, pricing, and larger images without being navigated away from where they were. This empowers customers to discover products with ease and become immersed in the product offerings of Koret New York, enriching the shopping journey and increasing the rate of conversions.

Bagging It Up.

A well-designed product page, with the customer in mind, plays a pivotal role in converting a visitor from simply browsing to actually adding the product to their cart. Presentation is key here, and an effective purchasing experience provides useful information, assurances, and motivation the visitor needs to seamlessly travel through the purchasing journey, and become a customer. Large, high-quality images take precedence on this page, fitting perfectly with the brand’s clean and contemporary image.

Combining Social With Commerce.

The holy grail of gaining momentum in brand awareness is social influence and validation. A key component of our digital strategy for Koret New York was to identify ways in which we can leverage social media to take shape into a sales-centric funnel. To achieve this, we built a custom social feed that encourages customers to share photos of themselves wearing or using the handbags they’ve purchased from the site.

This feed had a number of positive benefits:


  • Highlights happy customer purchases and reaffirms the quality of products to potential customers.
  • Provides contextually relevant use-cases of the products to be seen in “real life”.
  • Bolsters customer retention and guides repeat purchasing.


This strategy enabled us to provide a form of social proof that echoes the opinions and style that other like minded customers can relate with. This not only builds consumer confidence, but has been proven to increase sales conversions, by turning a social feed into social commerce hub.

Wherever, Whenever.

The demands of an on-the-go lifestyle increase day by day. To ensure all functionality of the website extends across mobile and tablet experiences, the fully responsive site enables customers to shop with ease when they’re on the move.

iPhone Frame
  • We built a responsive solution to look elegant across devices.
  • We built a responsive solution to look elegant across devices.
  • We built a responsive solution to look elegant across devices.


DBNY was a pleasure to work with. They are a talented team that can not only get the job done, but also provide a high level of professionalism and process-oriented approach that will never keep you guessing. This team understands the needs of a customer and will make sure you are 100% satisfied throughout the whole process. Needless to say, I’m one of their many happy clients.

David Chang, CEO Koret New York


The many accomplishments were shared with us just a few weeks after launching Koret New York’s eCommerce website. The flagship webshop gained a steady growth in unique visitors per day, average time a new user spent on the website was just under 4 minutes, and awareness of the brand was buzzing on social media. These metrics helped the team at Koret New York understand where they are performing well and reviewing this information helps forecast on-going initiatives.

  • 25 +

    Major press publications within 90 days of launch.

  • 1

    New Brand Ambassador, Janie Bryant.

  • 40 %

    Increase in social presence.


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