Shred On.

We built the ultimate fan zone for one of YouTube’s most prolific metal rockers.

Working closely with his management team, we elevated the brand of Erock and established a digital presence across multiple social channels.




Strategy & UX
Visual Design
Shopify eCommerce
Web Development

Stage OneThe Challenge.

How do you elevate the brand of a famous Youtube rockstar? This was the challenge our team was tasked with solving when working with Erock and his management team. We needed to identify missed opportunities for growth and capitalize on his massive following.

Establishing A Unified Brand.

It’s not often you get to 1M+ followers on Youtube and have zero presence across other major social networks. That was the issue Erock was facing, the genius guitarist whose made a career out of creative covers. Erock’s management team approached us to create a brand that accurately reflects his persona as well as introduce him across other social channels.

Opportunities for Growth.

Opportunities for Growth.

We identified other areas of opportunities that we could capitalize on. We established that an independent artist needed his own eCommerce storefront that facilitates transactions across various devices. We also found opportunities in digital content distribution. Erock’s team was keen on innovation and wanted to build a web platform to create, control and distribute their own content.

Stage TwoOur Approach.

To establish Erock as a bonafide brand we needed to design a unique marketing website that matches his persona as a public personality and professional musician. His new site needed to focus on the fans and provide an opportunity for them to engage and interact with him directly. We also needed to create a separate but equally important component to his brand, his eCommerce storefront. Fans have an opportunity to become life long brand ambassadors and engage with Eric like never before, purchasing and wearing exclusive Erock branded merchandise.


We also identified that in order for Eric to grow as a successful artist he needed to expand outside of Youtube. We built a custom web platform that provided his team the tools to create, market and distribute premium digital content directly to his fans.

The Erock Experience.

Prior to working with our team, Eric had zero digital presence outside of Youtube. His DIY approach for his website simply did not keep users engaged and so we knew the new Erock experience had to be rethought from the ground up.

New Website Goals
1. Keep the focus on the fans.
2. Original content is King.

Designing the new Erock experience meant we had to focus all of our attention to his fans. His core demographic consisted of 18-24 year old males. They are very tech savvy fans and over half consistently browse and engage on smart devices. We catered our user experience strategy with this important statistic in mind.

The user experience of the new site focused on a simplified navigation, vivid imagery and providing easy access to exclusive content. Fans now have access to premium content such as behind the scenes footage of shoots, fan submitted artwork, previously unreleased tracks and Eric’s personal blog posts.

Our design team created a unique visual identity that best represented Eric’s personal style as well as promoting his professional work. Eric’s passion for superheroes and comic books influenced our design philosophy. We decided on a dark color way with action sequenced images, subtle animations and a bold typeface.

Always Engaged.

To further promote original content, we built a custom social feed that updates with new stories daily. Creating the social feed gives Erock fans an inside look at the day to day life of a modern day rockstar. The streamlined feed provides unprecedented access to his Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook accounts. Fans can now follow Erock at behind the scene shoots preparing for a new weekly video, practice sessions at the studio and more.

Erock On the Go.

Scaling from desktop to mobile was a fairly easy transition since we designed the site within content containers. These containers can stack on top of each other. Most important for Erock fans was having access to exclusive content at all times, especially on the go. Our strategy for responsive design focused on providing his fans a cohesive user experience across all platforms. Content needed to be easily accessible, particularly his media page which housed exclusive videos, photos and tracks.

iPhone Frame
  • We designed a simple full screen navigation for an easy user experience.
  • Fans can listen to exclusive tracks on their smart phones.
  • Fans can stay informed and read the latest blog posts on the go.

Get Metalyzed.

A huge missed opportunity for Erock’s team was the lack of an eCommerce strategy and so we worked closely to identify three major goals for his new storefront.

1. Create a new revenue stream leveraging his current fanbase
2. Provide fans access to exclusive Erock branded merchandise
3. Give fans a simplified shopping experience across all devices

We built the storefront on the Shopify platform because its user friendly CMS is a great option for clients who want to focus on managing their online store and not their tech stack. Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce platform and one that we use often for projects for its powerful tools in inventory management, sales reporting, measuring analytics and more.

The visual design of Erock’s store had to take into account continuity of his brand. We worked with his team to create a subsidiary of his brand named ‘Metalyze’ which was exclusively for merchandising. The storefronts design included components optimized for sales such as banner images for promotional items, featured products, newsletter sections and prominent call to action buttons/links for sale items.

Responsive design was a must since more than 50% of Erock’s fans engage with him on mobile devices and so the site had to be responsive first. The user experience is simplified and easy to navigate. Fans can visit and shop on the Metalyze storefront on any device at any time.

iPhone Frame
iPhone Frame

Our team created a prize sweepstakes campaign to promote his online concert and help increase brand awareness across other social channels. We promoted a unique contest giveaway that included a VIP meet and great with Erock himself, signed ESP guitars, amps, cables and other goodies. We built a custom web platform for his team to create and distribute their own content directly to his fans. This got his core fanbase engaged and excited for Erock’s first online concert, World Meets Metal.

World Meets Metal.

Erock has a massive following on Youtube with over 1.1 million fans across the globe and averaging 125,000+ views per video. Unfortunately, outside of ad placement there was no lucrative way for his team to capitalize on his brand. We collaborated with his team to create a one of a kind web platform that would allow Erock to promote and distribute his own digital content, outside of Youtube. The purpose of World Meets Metal was simple, give his fans access to premium content worth paying for.

We built the World Meets Metal platform with scalability in mind. We used Heroku as the technology foundation and integrated social login capabilities to reduce sign up friction and easily sign in with Twitter or Facebook.

Fans had to purchase a digital ticket from the Metalyze store. This ticket provided fans a special access code to gain entry to the exclusive concert. After signing in they’re given full access to a premium concert managed by Erocks team. They can also engage with his live social stream, interacting with thousands of other like minded fans and keeping up to date with announcements of the contest winners.

The fan feedback for World Meets Metal was overwhelmingly positive and the experience was a resounding success. Erock’s team is planning on making World Meets Metal an annual performance with more sponsors and musical acts involved.


Working with DBNY helped us increase Erock’s social presence on one of his platforms by over 200%. Simultaneously, we successfully launched an eCommerce shop that generated immediate revenue and we were able to bring many of Erock’s fans from around the world to watch his first online streaming concert. All of this could not have been done without the amazing contributions from the DBNY team.

Kurt Calderone, Erock Management


Collaborating with Erock’s team was a huge success. We tracked record growth across his website, significantly increasing site traffic from the previous year. Our teams involvement and promotion of his social campaign elevated his brand and helped him gain thousands of new followers. With the effort of our team, Erock is gaining more social traction and building a larger audience.

  • 200 %

    Increased site traffic YOY from 2014 to 2015.

  • 8.6 %

    Sales conversion rate for purchased merchandise.

  • 7k +

    New fans gained across Instagram and Twitter.


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